Setting It All Up

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve come across my blog! I’ve titled this blog a “A Dose of Perspective.” What does this mean? I’ve wondered for many years who I am, and I believe I have found the answer. I wanted to share what I’ve learned through my journey.

I feel like I’ve been through enough in my life to understand some valuable life lessons at the ripe ol’ age of 57 (as of today anyway!). So, first a little about me (that’s why I named this post “Setting It All Up”) and then, a whole lot about the name of my blog and what I believe it means.

Who am I? Hmmmm, the age old question. Well, as a child that grew up in a fairly idyllic Mid-western small university town, I was your typical non-descript kiddo:  brown hair, medium height and build, wore what I called “cat” glasses until 4th grade.  I was sibling number 3 of 4. My oldest brother was the smart one, my older sister was the beautiful one and my younger brother was the popular, clever and creative one.  Me?  I felt invisible and very unimportant.

I was raised to have a strong faith base and went to a parochial school. I did okay in school and had only 1 best friend. I was not part of the popular group. I was afraid to do anything that involved “risk,” and hated being exposed to things that made me feel yucky like horror movies, mean kids, or adults that made me feel creepy. I latched onto playing with my siblings and neighborhood kids and my whole world was pretty much finding fun outside when I wasn’t in school. My personality? I can tell you what I felt and also what I’ve heard over the years.

I felt like I was:
• caring to a fault (was made fun of it by a few people),
• smart,
• a scaredy-cat who got panic attacks over the thought of trying something new,
• family-focused,
• constantly aware of God and Jesus Christ,
• drawn to spaces that were organized and clean
• athletic
• a teaser

How did others describe me? A pill that drove my parents to distraction!

I (eventually,) grew up and make some good decisions and some very bad ones. But, ultimately, my collective life experiences have made me who I am today and much about who I was as a child is gone (I haven’t decided yet if that is good or bad!).

Who am I now? An older person that is done with feeling like my self worth or value is defined by ANYONE but me.