Who Really Matters? – Part 2

In my prior blog, I mentioned that I was also thinking about people that may argue that they have no one.  No family or friends that matter to them OR no family or friends where they feel like they matter to that person.  How can any of these philosophies that I’ve mentioned applied to them?

Well, that is where the faith-based comment I have in my tagline comes into play.  If you believe in a Higher Power that cares about your well being and loves you (to me that is Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ), you have at least 2 beings (or whatever applies to your belief) that you should know loves you and has a vested interest in your development and progress through life.

There have been a few bleak times in my life where I felt utterly and completely alone.  Even with my wonderful children around and knowing my extended family loved me, I just didn’t feel like I really mattered to anyone (I’m sure I was in the throws of a huge pity party.)

The pressures were just too much and I needed someone to take over.  No family lived in the state I was in.  My children were just that. KIDS.  I never expected them to deal with adult issues.  I had no significant other.  My time was spent at work or with my children, so I had no close friends.  I had no money to pay for counseling.  I needed something.

So, acting in faith, I turned to God.  In my “free time”, I read scriptures, prayed, kept going to church every Sunday even though I really just wanted to sleep in, read books on how to increase my faith and how to tap into the gifts and blessings of the Atonement (just to name a few).  And what was the result?  Miracles?  Not really – although I saw blessings throughout my week(s) regularly.  The biggest benefit?  I just KNEW that Father and Jesus Christ were watching out for me.

I felt peace on days that I thought I should be checking myself into a nuthouse.  I felt joy with the little things in life.  Small, medium and large unexpected blessings would come my way.  My relationships with my children strengthened.  I was able to deal with all the nonsense at work and leave it at work instead of bringing it home.  I was able to sleep at night.  The panic went away.  I was able to make it hour by hour, day by day, week by week and month to month.  And with all of these positive feelings and blessings coming my way – I knew there was a God in Heaven and I knew I mattered to Him.  It was no coincidence.

So, even if you feel like you have no one close to you – family, friends…anyone – that you matter to – if you believe in a Higher Power that watches over you and loves you – you can at a bare minimum, know that you matter to them.  Hang onto that.  Forever.

I really don’t know how some people make it through the trials of life without an anchor in a greater belief that there is a reason for our experiences and that we are not alone.  I know I would have given up.  A looonnnngggg time ago.

Below is a quote from a teaching manual from the church I belong to.  To me, it is a powerful statement about the power of Christ’s Atonement that I reflect on a lot.

“All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Christ.” 

If you can believe this, have hope in this, have faith that this is true, it will get you through the darkest and loneliest times in life.

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